A Level Mechanics

Mechanics 1 Essential Notes (AQA)

The Mechanics 1 (AQA) module reduced down to a couple of sides. More than just the equations but good tips and techniques as written by some of our Yr12 students.

Mechanics 2 Essential Notes (AQA)

Notes on the Mechanics 2 (AQA) module. PDF here.

Lorry Vs Mini (or as Ppt)

Simple image file, consider attempting to push each vehicle and suddenly f=ma makes sense! The ppt has a vertical version of the image too.


A Level Mechanics course notes on 'Friction'.

Circular Motion Intro

A good introductory task to considering circular motion. Students estimate radii, velocities and forces of everyday examples of circular motion. PDF here.

Masses and Springs Lab

A great external website demonstration of the conversions between GPE, KE and EPE and remaining constant as a whole.

Velocity & Acceleration Equations

As Level Mechanics 1, Velocity and Acceleration equations. Print them out on a big colourful sheet and learn them!

Distance, Velocity, Acceleration Graphs

Mechanics cribsheet to show how distance, velocity, accereation graphs are connected.